Increase Targeted Traffic

Pay Per View – Your Search For Cheap Quality Traffic Is Finally Over.

We all know that Targeted Traffic is the key to making money online, and that it’s one of the toughest challenges for any marketer to get quality traffic to their site in any Twitch Viewer Bot great quantity. It’s no good having the best designed website on the net, if nobody gets to see it, right? One of the quickest ways to do this has been using Google AdWords or other PPC methods. PPC or Pay Per Click can get traffic to your site quickly but boy are you going to pay for it! The trouble with PPC ad campaigns is the huge competition from other marketers and the crippling costs. The bigger budget you have to play with the better position you will get in the rankings.If you are on a limited budget, forget it. To get on page 1 of Google is almost impossible for thousands of marketers. You also need high quality landing pages with lots of unique content otherwise you get slapped and your ads will not show. The truth is that PPC is getting tough as they turn the screw. Time to look for a cheaper and fairer option. Time to try PPV.

What is PPV?

PPV (Pay Per view) is a relatively untapped method of advertising whereby you can promote your offer, or product, displaying it to users via a pop up or pop under ad. This will only be to users who have given their permission after installing the adware on their PC. When these users visit the url’s you’ve chosen, or search the web using the keywords you’ve selected, your ad will instantly appear. Don’t worry about your ad appearing too often to the same user because you can determine the frequency of your ad displaying.

PPV, or Pay Per View, is a revelation. It’s similar to PPC, advertisers bidding on certain keywords, (and url’s) but instead of paying every time someone clicks on your ad you only pay when someone actually views your ad or landing page, and instead of paying dollars per click, you pay just cents per view. Not only is it cheap but all the traffic to your site is high quality & laser targeted, due to the fact that the people viewing your ad or landing page have willingly installed the adware on their pc for the simple reason they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, so there is a good chance they will become buyers. If you want to build a list then it is recommended that you direct your traffic to a landing or squeeze page, but you can also drive traffic straight to your offer, it’s up to you.

Who Displays The Ads?

To display your ads you will be using PPV companies who have provided the users with the relevant Adware. To start advertising you will have to join a PPV Network. There are multiple choices, all getting their audiences by different methods but they all have a great deal in common. It is advisable to sign up with a few different PPV companies so you can experiment with different options to find out which ones suit your particular needs best.


CPA (Cost Per Action) is an exciting way to make money without making a sale! CPA offers pay the marketer (you), if the visitor fills in a form, signs up to a mailing list, requests information or accepts a free offer in fact anything that gets people interested in the companies promoting CPA offers could make you money. CPA offers pay well, and it requires less effort on your part. it’s much easier to get conversions too.

It makes good sense then to send all that quality traffic to your CPA offers, as well as the other offers you are promoting. This then is a marriage made in heaven.

There are hundreds of CPA advertising networks, so again it is best to get involved with several in order to find out which best suits your campaigns. Some provide many free offers which people will snap up making you more money. You can also find many individual products with their own CPA options. Plenty of choice. Just make sure that the CPA network that you are using will accept PPV traffic – some don’t.

To Sum Up

The days of cheap PPC advertising are long gone, as we all know, but with PPV advertising it is very possible to drive massive amounts of highly targeted traffic instantly to your offer for the lowest cost possible. Used in conjunction with CPA you have a virtually unstoppable way of generating a really good income.

After all why would you want to pay crazy PPC prices, or work yourself to the bone writing hundreds of articles or creating social media campaigns or spend hundreds of hours creating content rich web pages just to get your ads shown if you are lucky, when with PPV you are guaranteed to get your ad in front of eager buyers? It doesn’t need much contemplation does it? There just is no easier or cheaper way to advertise.